How to Install, Uninstall, and Reinstall Norton Setup | Norton Antivirus Installation Procedure

Norton Security is one of the latest computer security software suite, which is being developed by Symantec. It works on all platforms like MS Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS. It is available in three different types of editions, which as:

  • (i) Norton Security Standard,
  • (ii) Norton Security Deluxe, and
  • (iii) Norton Security Premium.

The Standard Norton Security protects only 1 (one) device. But, the Norton Security Deluxe is good for the number of devices up to 5, whereas, Norton Security Premium includes protection for up to a number of 10 devices, Also Norton 360 is the best Antivirus Software to protect more devices.

Some more information about how to obtain your software after buying Norton Antivirus is being provided below. Also, we provide information about how to get the Norton product activation key, download software for your additional devices, and how to reinstall the Norton Suite, if required.

STEP 1 – Uninstall your older Norton Setup or any other security software

Below is the process to uninstall the software on Windows-based computers.

(This is an optional step, but it is required if any previous security software installation exists in your computer. This includes Norton Antivirus products other than Norton Security, or security products of other software makers like Avast, AVG, Avira, Kaspersky, McAfee, Panda, Trend Micro, F-Secure, ESET, etc.)

Starting with the initial step, click on the start button in the bottom left-hand corner and click on the Control Panel.

Once the control panel opens up, depending on which operating system is in use, perform one of the following steps:

  1. For Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10: Open programs and features.
  2. For Windows Vista: Open Uninstall a program link.
  3. For Windows XP: Open add or remove a program.
  4. Once you open the directory of programs which are installed, click on the Norton Setup program (or other software) which has to be removed, and click on uninstall or remove button.
  5. Then, click on Norton Complete Uninstall (or finish the uninstall process of non-Norton software being uninstalled).
  6. A Subscription Waiting Period Warning window will pop up on your screen; so click next.
  7. Now, click on Restart. This step is required because the software will not be completely uninstalled until the computer has been restarted.


norton setup install


Now, below is the process to Uninstall process on Mac OS X computers.

You can remove an app by either:

Uninstalling the application via Launchpad, for this, you need to hold down the icon until all icons start to jiggle, and then click the delete button (X).

In case, if there is no delete button in the Launchpad, then, remove the app by using its uninstaller, or if that is also not available, then try by moving the app into the Trash, and then by emptying the Trash after doing this.

In this scenario, restart action may or may not be needed.

STEP 2 – How to Download and Install Norton Setup in Your Laptop/PC

  • Use this URL to get you to your Norton Account:
  • Enter the email address and password associated with the Norton account.
  • Then, click onto the Sign In button.
  • When logging in for the first time after purchase, or at any time from a device that does not have Norton Security installed, you may get prompted to select one of the two choices:
  1. Install on this device or
  2. Install on another device.
  • Click Agree & Download to get the software downloaded and get it installed onto your current device.

If you close the window from the above step, you can always get back to it by going into the Devices tab. In any case, Norton account interface is very intuitive and features the Download button in tabs like Home, Devices, or Services.

When you download the required software onto your computer, you get Norton’s downloader program on your screen. Once you run it, the download and installation of your security software will start thereafter. Follow the on-screen instructions as shown. Once it gets finished, your Norton product will be installed and activated automatically.

STEP 3 – Install Norton Com Setup onto Any Other Additional Devices

If you need to install your Norton security software onto another device (computer or mobile), follow the following simple steps:

  • Start this process, by logging into your Norton Management console by going on to this link:
  • Now, right at your Management Home page, you’ll see a button that shows Download Norton above which it says “Do you want to add more devices?”
  • Click onto the button, select Install on another device tab, and follow the on-screen instructions (the procedure allows you to send installation link via email).

OPTIONAL – Download Norton Security first, Install, then Activate.

  • Download your Norton Security Software from this link: (Standard and Deluxe versions)
  • Via this link, you can also Download your Norton Security with Backup and Utility Software.
  • Once you download the .exe installation file, double click on it to start the Norton Security installation process.
  • Click on the User License Agreement, be sure to read it in full, and then close it after you are done the reading.
  • Click on agree and install Norton Security or Norton Com Setup with Backup.

Now, activate Norton Setup installation by entering the 25 digits activation code that you copied from your Norton Account. After doing this Setup will be fully activated and it will be run into the background. It will provide you real-time protection and always capable to fight with online threats in real-time mode.

David Smith is a Technical and Security Expert Since 2000. As a Technical Expert, He is writing this blog post about – How to download, install, uninstall, activate and reinstall the Norton Setup in your Windows, Mac OS, and Smartphones.





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